Singapore Ladyboy Report

From what I've heard Crazy Horse bar at Orchard Towers was the place to start my search for ladyboys.  I hailed a cab and asked the driver to take me to Orchard Towers.  He immediately knew where to go.  Upon exiting the taxi I immediately saw ladyboys hanging around outside.  I entered the building and headed up to the top floor where Crazy Horse is.   All along the way I saw ladyboy after ladyboy.  So, yes, there are many hot ladyboys in Singapore, BUT I knew almost all these ladyboys as these gals were from Thailand!  Same ladyboy fuck, but at Singapore prices!

There were also several girls available.  All were here looking for someone to take them home.  Most were Thai, and generally the better looking ones that were able to earn enough money to save up and get a ticket to Singapore as well as have enough in their bank account to show customs so that they might be allowed into the country as customs would know that they had enough money to travel and return home when needed.  These are also the ladyboys and girls with serious attitudes.

Tips:  Pay after, NOT before!  Once you've negotiated a price, show them the money to let them know (1) that you have the money, and (2) that you both understand "exactly" what the agreed upon price is.  Make sure to be very specific in what you want her to do, and how long you intend her to stay--this will help avoid problems later.  Cover all bases as what I've found is that these gals (ladyboys and girls) take great pride in having things "not" go the way you planned.  Sad, but if they can pull something over on you, they will have a funny story to tell their friends later and YOU WILL be the big joke for the next few days afterwards.  So, try to cover all bases.

Price:  I must admit that I really don't know the prices.  I knew many of the gal I saw, but I didn't bother to ask them to go home with me as I'd much rather take a cheap flight to Thailand and fuck them at Thai prices instead of the exact same girls at Singapore prices.  I did ask the gals what they were making and they claimed they were getting at least $75 USD and up, but I know that you can't believe anything these gals say as they justify their lifestyle by exaggerating the amount of money they make.  So, I really wouldn't know the honest answer on the price, but expect to pay $75-$150 USD.  Obviously it's gotta be much higher than they can get in Thailand otherwise why would they bother to travel to Singapore.

Basic information

Hotels:  Accomodation in Singapore is generally expensive.  However, most recently there are some more affordable places available if you do some searching.  I stayed at  B&B (Bed & Breakfast) Penthouse which had excellent rates (rates are in Singapore dollars) and in a good location being very close to a SMRT station (see below).  Here are the positives and negatives:
Conclusion:  While the negatives really did bother me I will certainly consider staying at this place again if I go back to Singapore.  It's very likely that people will use this report, stay there and mention what I said and maybe they'll fix the minor problems.  If not for the few problems listed, this place would be perfect.

Tips:  Not expected.  Many of the nicer restuarants will automatically add a service charge for the wait staff so make sure to check before thinking about tipping.

SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit:  This is a very inexpensive, and comfortable way to get to and from the airport.   From the airport, you will need to go to Terminal 2 in order to catch this train.  Simply follow the signs to get to Terminal 2 and then follow the signs to find the SMRT.  A tip that might help is to realize that the SMRT is in the deep basement so you'll need to work your way down.  Important to note that you will have to transfer trains at the Tanaha Merah Station--transfer doesn't cost any extra and all you have to do is exit the train and walk onto another.  Anywhere in town simply ask someone where the closest SMRT station is or ask a taxi to take you.  This train makes stops all over town.

Taxis:  Most taxis have meters.  Make sure they turn the meter on.  Expect to pay an additional 50% between midnight and 6 am.  Taxi rates very reasonable and I found all to be very clean.

Traffic:  Traffic appeared to be fairly well managed--a steady flow, but I don't remember seeing any real traffic jams like in most large cities--maybe I was just lucky.

Pollution:  Pollution and trash was at a minimum.  The Singapore government doesn't play with polluters so make sure you don't pollute.

Local Customs:  Common sense customs as when traveling to any foreign country.  I found Singapore to be much easier to adjust to with respect to customs as there really wasn't much that needed to be paid attention to other than the usual stuff.

Ethnic makeup:  Mostly Chinese, some Malay, and some Indian.

Religion:  Mostly Buddhist with a mix of others including Muslim, Taoist, Hindu, Catholic, Christian, etc.

Languages:  Almost everyone seemed to speak English very well.  All signs were written in English.

Food:  Many different types of food so you can certainly find something you like. Eating at the small, outside food stands was very inexpensive, but many of the restuarants could be pricey.  Make sure to check the prices on anything you order while one restuarant I went to had very reasonable prices on most items, and a few items which I considered fairly normal items mixed in which cost hundreds of dollars!  There is also a lot of American fast food restaurants.

Drinks:  Alcohol is very expensive due to "sin" taxes.  Expect to pay about $10 for a drink!  Don't expect to avoid the high costs by ordering water or juice, as I tried that already and my bill was just as high.

Clubs:  Clubs appeared to close at about 4 am and were surprisingly packed all night.  Most had no entrance fees--with the high prices of alcohol, they don't need to charge for you to get in.  Drinks were expensive and generally ran about $10 each!  Clubs were jumping though--great music and lots of whores!

Internet:  Internet was very fast and plentiful.  The room I stayed in was suppose to have wireless Internet, but I was unable to access, yet I was able to access many other hotspots which were all very fast.

Electricity:  230V/50Hz (British plug).

Passports and Visas:  Obviously a passport is needed to visit.  Check before you visit.  I also took Thai staff with me and she was given a very hard time and was probably only allowed in because she was with me.

Conclusion:  I enjoyed my visit to Singapore and will certainly go back one day.  I don't think it's a place to go to pick up whores, while there are plenty, the prices are too high--for the price you'd pay for one night you could purchase a flight to Thailand and have a much better selection of great looking and cheap girls or ladyboys.  Yet, if you find yourself in Singapore, there are plenty of girls and ladyboys to keep you happy.  Kind of funny that I saw many of the exact same girls and ladyboys I've seen in Thailand during my stay in Singapore, the only difference was that they were charging 5 times the amount to go home with you than they charged in Thailand--I wondered if they fucked 5 times better?  I seriously doubt it.

If you have been to Singapore  and have anything to add or correct about this report, please send us details here.