Kuala Lumpur Ladyboy Report
Please note that the ladyboy pictured above is a friend named Banana I brought from Thailand. 
She doesn't live in Kuala Lumpur--so don't waste your time looking for her there.
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From what I've heard the place to start my search for ladyboys was between Beach Club and Concorde hotel.  Not knowing, I figured this was a very wide area, so I had a taxi take me to Concorde hotel and I figured I'd make the long walk from there to Beach Club to see what I could find.  What I discovered is that this area was very small--only about 2 blocks or so.  Unfortunately, I didn't find ANY ladyboys.

I kept up my search and a few hours later at a bit after midnight I found what I was looking for.  Seems they don't come out until after midnight.  I approached a group of ladyboys and had my first interaction with them.  Not knowing if they spoke the language or not, I brought along an interpreter--a male who spoke fluent Malaysian, Chinese, and English.  The group ignored me until I approached, and then their only question was "Are you gay?" which they asked in an insulting manner since I had the male interpreter with me, and I obviously didn't look like a good paying client.  I wanted to ask them if THEY were gay, but I decided it best not to insult the first batch of ladyboys I've seen.  The group then quickly and rudely relocated as far away from me as possible.  

I walked around the block, left my interpreter, and circled around for another interaction.  On this approach, I held up fingers indicating how much I was willing to pay as I approached.  This did the trick as they all were interested in ANYTHING I wanted at that point.

The caliber of this group was nothing compared to the average ladyboy in Thailand, but there were a few worthy candidates.  The best looking one had already roped a client and was preparing to leave with him.  I then made my selection of the next best looking one which was a lady named Erica.  I discussed to the group what I wanted.  They were very eager, but very scared about having to show their IDs.  When we got back to the hotel, Erica explained why.  Seems the police are seriously going after ladyboys in Malaysia.  While I doubt if this is true, she commented that "being" a ladyboy in Malaysia was illegal as sodomy is illegal.  She also commented that recently a well-known political figure was arrested and sentenced to jail time because he had had a homosexual experience with another guy--I had actually heard about this on CNN.  I assured her that I wasn't working with the police, but she mentioned that even the local newspapers were conducting sting operations which targeted ladyboys.

Shoot went well regardless.  She was a bit shy and I was surprised to discover a very hairy ass when she took her panties off.  The issue of the hairy ass would repeat itself later as it appears the view of body hair is different in Malaysia than Thailand.

My next time out I selected Sarah who was the most attractive of the bunch on that particular day.  She was very nervous about having to show her ID and sign a release, but we got through it.  Fairly attractive girl with her clothing on, but nothing spectacular undressed.  She spoke very good English and offered to help me find other ladyboys.  In fact, all the ladyboys offered to help, but most were afraid to give me their phone number, yet Sara did give a phone number.

The next day I managed to find a taxi driver who was familiar with the ladyboy scene.  I'd asked many taxi driver up to this point and none appeared to know much, but one driver in particular was very knowledgeable (his phone number is below).  He took me to the main ladyboy area which is an area few tourist probably go as it's a bit out of the way.  When we approached, we had to pass through several police road blocks.  Seeing only me and the taxi driver in the car, they let us pass without stopping us.  Seems they were looking for people racing motorbikes which is common at night and ladyboys.  I started to worry about how we were going to get the ladyboys from the area back to the hotel, but the taxi driver assured me it wouldn't be a problem.  

We turned a corner to enter in the square which had all the ladyboys and I asked the taxi driver to pull over so I could sneak around the corner to get a picture of the police road block.  He opted not to stop as there were plain clothed police officers inside the square harassing the ladyboys that were outside.  He said that normally there were many more ladyboys, but they stay inside when the police are around.

Found a few ladyboys that were very attractive, but none of them wanted to leave the area to go to my hotel and they were also worried about getting past the police, as well as worried about me taking pictures of them and especially about having to show their IDs and sign a release.  A guy approached and informed me that he had a group of ladyboys and that I could do anything I wanted with them--take pictures or anything.  Unfortunately, I couldn't take them anywhere--I'd have to shoot them there.  I agreed to take a look and we were off.

Arrived at a shitty two story building inside the square.  Went inside and a group of 4 attractive ladyboys were sitting in a room.  All looked attractive so I negotiated the price and explained the terms (IDs, releases, pictures) and I left to go get my additional camera equipment.  They wanted me to pay for all the ladies up front to insure they'd be there, but that was a stupid idea of which I declined--I was born at night, but not last night and I was a bit insulted that they thought I was that stupid.

I arrived back in about 30 minutes with all my camera gear.  I explained the terms again, had the taxi driver explain the terms in Malay to make sure they understood, asked the taxi driver to wait as I said I'd leave if things didn't go as planned, and I went into a room with the first ladyboy.  They again wanted me to pay for all the ladyboys, but I agreed to pay one at a time immediately before going into the room and if any shoot didn't go as planned that I would leave without shooting the rest.  They then tried to get me to shoot all 4 at one time, but I don't like having more models than I have a pair of eyes to watch so I insisted on one at a time.  I selected a very cute ladyboy named Amy for the first one as she looked like she'd be the easiest to work with--sweet, shy, and innocent look.

Entered the room which was about the filthiest room I've seen to date.  The entire floor was covered with cum--every inch.  Empty condom wrappers everywhere.  I couldn't find any place to put my camera bag as I certainly wasn't going to put it on that floor!  There was a desk with mirror built into the wall at the back of the room so I put my bag there for a few seconds until I turned around and out of the corner of my eye noticed the mirror moved slightly!  I immediately picked up my bag and just held it in my hand.  Needless to say, Amy didn't follow my directions and I left without shooting any of the others and without completing the shoot.  So, not much else needs to be said about this one other than to avoid this square completely.  However, there were a nice selection of ladyboys including mostly Malaysian, some Chinese, and a few Indian ladyboys.

Had the taxi driver take me back to the hotel which had several ladyboys across the street.  As I stepped out of the taxi, a group of ladyboys ran towards me as rumor had gotten around that I was shooting and paying well for it.   I selected Monica who was way behind the group appearing as if she wasn't interested, but also the most attractive one of the bunch.

I carefully explained everything to Monica and she was the ONLY one that didn't give me a hard time about having to show her ID or sign a release.  She was a bit shy, and had a hairy ass as well, but didn't give me a hard time with anything and was much more of a pleasure to shoot.  She said she also had some friends that were very good looking and she'd refer them.  All of them said this so I can only assume that the REALLY good looking ones are available via referral only.

Next day I grabbed Zee who was the best looking of the bunch at that particular time.  I had spoken to her before and she stated that she wasn't interested as she didn't want to show her ID, but it seems that she'd spoke to other LBs I've shot and changed her mind.  Had a problem with the lock on my door so by time the hotel staff got me back into my room it was already getting late so I asked Zee to call one of her friends and have them arrive in about 1 hour.  Predictable, about 5 minutes later I hear a knock on the door and it's her friend.  Not comfortable with 2 ladyboys in the room at the same time, I cut these two sessions short.

Her friend Julia was annoying, but somewhat attractive.  She gave me a very hard time about the ID until I asked her to leave at which point she agreed.  After the shoot she gave me her email address and said she'd help me find better looking ladyboys than could be found on the street.

Basic information

Hotels:  I'd recommend staying at the Crown Regency Service Apartments which has very nice rooms and a fairly reasonable rate.  You can reserve a room online without giving credit card information, and they are guest and ladyboy friendly.  This hotel is across the street from all of the following:  a spot where some of the better looking of the Malaysian ladyboys hang out, the Beach Club which has a ladyboy show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at 8:30 pm, and the Thai Club which is the most popular disco in Kuala Lumpur.  This is also walking distance to the twin towers. 

There is also a hotel called Cabana Inn which is across the street from Crown Regency and I hear is slightly less expensive, but it's often full.  UPDATE:  Since originally posting this, I returned to KL and stayed at the Cabana Inn which is across the street from Crown Regency.  It seems that Crown Regency misplaced my reservation and I'm very glad they did as the Cabana Inn is half the price and has nice rooms as well.  The rooms aren't as large as Crown Regency, but they are equally as nice.  My only complaint would be that there is no control in your room for the air-conditioner and my room was way too cold as the AC ran non-stop.  They have a very nice spa, but they don't allow ladies in--muslims!  I wonder if ladyboys would be allowed!

I spent many hours checking out different hotels so that I could give you a report on them.  There are less expensive hotels, but none that I'd recommend other than Seasons View hotel.  This is about a 5-10 minute taxi ride from Crown Regency area, but in a culturally interesting environment and a short walk to many excellent shopping locations.  You can also reserve online without providing prior credit card information.

I recommend booking any of the rooms online before you arrive as most of the hotels were booked solid soon after noon on the date I arrived.

Tips:  Not expected.  I didn't tip at restaurants nor the ladyboys.  Many restuarants will automatically add a 10% service charge for the wait staff so make sure to check before thinking about tipping.  I was surprised by the fact that the ladyboys I spent time with didn't ask for a tip as this is common with the ladyboys in Thailand--I never give, but they often ask.

KLIA Ekspres:  This is the least expensive, most comfortable, and fastest way to get to and from the airport.   Once you get past customs at the airport, you will see a counter for e-XKL service which is for using the KLIA Ekspres, but I strongly recommend not stopping at this counter as their rates will be 100 RM were if you go to the KLIA Ekspres window and get a ticket it's only 35 RM.  This train will take you to a central station inside Kuala Lumpur and you can grab a taxi from there to your hotel.  When returning to the airport, just have a taxi take you to the Central station and take the KLIA Ekspres into the airport.

Taxis:  Most taxis have meters.  Make sure they turn the meter on as I had one taxi driver fail to do so until I asked about the meter being off--he was obviously going to try to charge me a lot instead of using the meter.  However, expect to pay an additional 50% between midnight and 6 am.  Taxi rates are very low except to and from the airport which usually isn't metered.  For a friendly, knowledgable taxi driver who knows the ladyboy scene, I'd recommend calling Yen at 016-673-7978.  He drives a metered taxi which is usually parked in front of the Crown Regency hotel or Beach Club.  Only bad thing I can say about this guy is that he appears to like ladyboys himself and will try to find someone for you that meets "his" tastes and not necessarily yours.  Mention Mickey referred you if you call hiim.  Also, be aware that if you use a taxi to go pickup a ladyboy, the driver will usually tell your ladyboy that she must pay him a percentage of what you give her on the side!  This is true for Kuala Lumpur and most especially true for Thailand.

Traffic:  Traffic appeared to be bad almost all the time, but especially immediately before and after business hours.  Allow plenty of travel time if going out and try your best NOT to be on the road anywhere near rush hour!

Pollution:  Pollution and trash was at a minimum.  I was most surprised by the low air pollution which is usually associated with high traffic.  Streets and sidewalks were fairly free of trash in the main areas, yet increased on the off streets.

Local Customs:  Common sense customs as when traveling to any foreign country, but since there are many muslim women, I think it's important to respect their normal desire of no contact by not attempting to shake the hand or in any way touch a muslim woman.  I've never felt the need to consciously think about this before, yet I've never been a place with as many muslim women before either.

Ethnic makeup:  Appeared to be mostly Malay, but a good amount of Chinese and some Indian as well.  The ladyboy makeup corresponded to this.

Religion:  I'd assume mostly Muslim for the Malay, Buddhism for the Chinese, and Hindu for the Indians.

Languages:  Almost everyone seemed to speak English at varying levels.  I also heard a lot of Malay and different Chinese dialects.  Their ability to speak English was drastically better than people in Thailand.

Food:  I found Malaysian food to be excellent.  Eating at the small, outside Malaysian food stands was also very inexpensive.  There is also a lot of American fast food restaurants which I found pleasant.

Clubs:  Clubs appeared to close at about 3 am and were surprisingly packed all night.  Many had entrance fees.  Drinks were generally expensive if purchased by the glass.  Most people seemed to purchase pitches of beer or an entire bottle of alcohol with mixes which was probably very expensive, but a lot less per glass.  I was told that the club would keep the bottle for you if you didn't finish the entire bottle.

Shopping:  Lots of computer and technology malls with great prices and leading tech equipment.  I was most particularly impressed by the wide array of cell phones and camera equipment--many items I haven't seen before.  Prices were very low, and haggling was successful at getting them to lower the price or add additional options.

Internet:  After spending so much time in Thailand, I was very surprised by the night and day difference between Thailand and it's neighboring country Malaysia.  Internet service in Thailand is so bad that it's simply a bad joke, yet Kuala Lumpur seemed to have a very good Internet infrastructure.  Hotspots were so common that I usually found an average of 5 different wireless networks overlapping at any place.  Almost all hotspots are pay and provided by many different companies, but the most common appeared to be airzed (http://www.airzed.com).  Airzed will allow you to signup and receive 7 days access before you have to pay.  I was able to find a few unprotected private wireless networks from time to time.  Many of the larger hotels also have their own pay hotspots, but their prices were generally much higher than the common hot spot providers so I'd recommend requesting a room on a lower floor and seeing which other hotspots are available.

Electricity:  240 volt, but a different plug type than used in Thailand.  Some convenient stores and other stores have plug adaptors.  Be aware that a convertor will also be needed if going from 110 volt.  Yet, also be aware that most computer and camera equipment have built in convertors so all you'll need is an adaptor.

Passports and Visas:  Obviously a passport is needed to visit, but most visitors will be given an automatic 3 month visa upon entrance.  Check before you visit.

Conclusion:  Make sure to mention that Mickey referred you when you do get a ladyboy as this will really help me to shoot more ladyboys when I return.  Once they see that they can get customers from shooting with me, they will be much more willing to refer their friends when I return.

If you have been to Kuala Lumpur and have anything to add or correct about this report, please send us details here.