This site run by good friends Beam (who is a ladyboy) and Mickey (who is a lady).  We plan to run this as a cooperative of friends, not an agency.  Anyone we list here must be real friends of each other.  We will run this as a true cooperative in that all the ladyboys have a say on how things are run.  The ladyboys get to pick their own rates, when they work, who they see, even what pictures and information we provide.  There is no boss, no pimps, no mammas-an, no gang, no mafia, no boyfriends that take all the money here.  With agencies you might as well be fucking the guy running it as that’s where most of your money is going (actually, I guess he should be fucking you and he is!  And he’s also probably fucking the ladyboys too both literally and financially).

You can be sure that all the ladyboys listed here are keeping most of the money you pay.  That’s why we will never ever ask for tips–agency ladyboy need those tips if they hope to actually make any money.  The ladyboys here each pay only very small fees which we use to cover a very very small salary for Beam and Mickey, but with the bulk of fees going towards advertising (we spend a lot on advertising which is why our girls get the amount work they desire), server costs, equipment costs, and other real expenses.

Just who runs this site?  The escorts listed on this site run it since they have final say in anything done, but it takes a lot of work to keep things running smoothly.  That’s where the staff below come in.

Name:  Beam
Title:  Co-owner.

Responsibilities:  Recruiting, customer service.  Advertising.

Status:  I am available to meet clients. I am the first escort available but plan on bringing my friends in one at a time as I find out who is most reliable and honest.

Name:  Mickey
Title:  Co-owner.

Responsibilities:  Server Maintenance & Security.  Website design & maintenance.  Advertising.

Status:  I was the first escort available at another girl escort site I started which I brought my friends in one at a time.

Status: I am available sometimes when I have time and I also have many female friends available–many of which have strap-ons!